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Meet Reliance

An 11 year old girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy, who came to Cedarcrest Hospitals Abuja, on the 7th of June 2018 to see the Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Sanya Adedapo. After examining and reviewing her case, the surgeon believed that surgery could remedy her condition. This condition had impeded Reliance

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Sochima success story

Sochima is a beneficiary of our sponsor a child scheme, he was a victim of botch alternative medicine that his parent opt-in for as a result of lack of financial capability. Through this option, he developed an infection that necessitated the amputation at the level between shoulder and elbow. GAIUS

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Sadiq success story

The sponsorship and support you provide to GAIUS Foundation have made it possible for 9 years old Sadiq to receive immediate care under our “GAIUS Foundation unstable trauma and emergency patient SCHEME” during his involvement in an accident where he suffered multiple fracture and splenic rupture. We provided him with

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Jubril success story

A three months old baby called Jubril was diagnosed with Pemphigus and was in need of immediate medical care. With your help, GAIUS Foundation was able to sponsor his medical care as his parents are underprivileged. Please Uphold our cause to enable us to give the needed medical care for

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Jamila success story

Jamila is a young girl that suffers from Angular deformities since she was 2 years old desperate in need of an Ilizarov correction surgery of her legs as she is walking on deformed tibiae. Presently, GAIUS Foundation sponsored the correction surgery of her left leg and the right leg also

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Fiddausi success story

It gives us great joy to see Fiddausi sitting, standing and walking with no assistance. No longer is she the gloomy child help bound by her wheelchair. The joy on her face and that of her family member keeps us going as a team. One phase done; and we say

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Ahmed’s Ongoing Crowdfunding Campaign

Meet Ahmed, a teenager diagnosed with chronic osteomyelitis with draining sinus. Ahmed needs our urgent assistance to get the needed surgery ‘sequestrectomy and IM nailing with antibiotic coated nail. His parents cannot afford any of his care, please lets all join hands to save young Ahmed and give him a

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