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Meet Sochima

Sochima is a 6 year old boy, he is such a bubbly child and ever smiling and doting big brother to his younger siblings. A few years back, Sochima was a very sick and unhappy child struggling to survive, due to an accident he had when he was 4 years old. Unfortunately he experienced a botch in the traditional treatment his parents had resulted to for treatment of the fracture he sustained. This botch treatment became detrimental to his health as Sochima developed a life threatening infection which began to spread to other organs. Thus, the suggestion for an arm amputation came up. His parents then decided to come seek a second opinion from Cedarcrest Hospitals, they met with Dr Felix Ogedegbe who is the managing director of Cedarcrest Hospitals and a member of the board of Trustee of Cedarcrest GAIUS Foundation.

Sochima underwent two different surgeries, payment for just the first surgery was covered by his father’s boss, however other care which included a second surgery and other post-surgery treatment: consultations, drugs, continuous physiotherapy sessions, fitting of prosthetic arms were covered by GAIUS. Sochima is one of GAIUS dear beneficiaries and at the moment he has a no limit treatment plan, as GAIUS covers all his post-surgery treatment as well as the treatments of other ailment that are not linked to his surgery.




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