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Our current focus is on children living with orthopaedic deformities and disabilities, with the aim of correcting these at an early stage through surgery and other related interventions.
We are seeking your help and support with the sponsorship of our cases, as most of our beneficiaries can’t afford the cost of the care they require.

We would appreciate your sponsorship support in making this world a better place for children living with deformities and disabilities.
Be the reason a child smiles and lives to his/her potential. 
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Arin is a two-year-old girl with congenital left hip dislocation, she needs a femoral osteotomy (hip surgery) to repair the hip fracture, to reduce her discomfort and leg limping.
This surgery will improve her mobility and quality of life.
Join our cause and make a donation today.

Together we can make her surgery possible.

Sarah is a 9years old girl in need of Orthopaedic Surgery, she is suffering from severe genu valgum deformity, she needs a lower limb alignment correction of her legs.
Your donation/sponsorship will help us provide her with the medical care she desperately needs.

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Jamila is a young girl that suffers from Angular deformities since she was 2 years old desperate in need of an Ilizarov correction surgery of her legs as she is walking on deformed tibiae.
GAIUS Foundation sponsored the correction surgery of her left leg.
Presently, she needs sponsorship for the corrective surgery of her right leg with your help we can give Jamila the type of mobility she desires.

Join us and make a difference.


Jason is a one-year-old boy with a dislocated right hip, tight adductor right hip, right knee extension contracture and bilateral thumb-in-palm deformity.
These deformities have led to his inability to fully straighten/extend his knee and difficulty in holding his pelvis level.
Surgery will aid in the rotation /flexion of his thigh and stabilize his hip.

Kindly donate to our cause to make his surgery possible.

Maimunatu has sickle cell disease with multifocal osteomyelitis a condition that causes abnormal inflammation to occur in and around her bones.
Her medical condition was poorly managed which led to her knee dislocation, with flexion contractures (chronic loss of joint motion) that affected her walking ability.
She requires surgery to have her knees straighten out to restore her ability to walk.

A manually-powered sliding gate collapsed on Emerald an 11-year-old boy, while he was trying to slide open the gate for his family in their residential home.

He sustained some bruises with a broken leg from the accident.

We are soliciting your support towards his surgery fees.

Kindly use the donation bottom above for your donation to support our cause.

Meet Miracle, two years old girl diagnosis with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, she cannot walk on her own,
she needs surgery to help lessen her muscle tightness /correct the bone abnormalities caused by spasticity.

We would like your support towards her corrective surgery to lessen pain and improve mobility.
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Emmanuel suffers from cerebral palsy due to abnormal brain development which often happens before birth. This disability affected his ability to maintain body balance and posture.
He needs surgery to straighten his legs to help improve his body movements, reduce muscle rigidity and generally boost his daily functionality.
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let’s together improve the general health and fitness of Emmanuel and other children in need of medical care.

Tamara is diagnosed with Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC) this condition impacts the function and range of motion of the joint.

she needs surgery to straighten her knee to fit in an orthotic brace to aid her mobility.

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